Noah Vonleh shines at NE Elite 75 

September, 27, 2010
The underclassmen portion of the New England Elite 75 took place on Saturday and featured many of the top freshmen and sophomore prospects in the region. The first session featured many of the top freshmen in New England, while the sophomores came in for the afternoon session.

The event featured a long list of Division I prospects, and more than a few potential high-majors, but Noah Vonleh (Georgetown, Mass./Haverhill) was the biggest star of the day. The 15-year-old is absolutely dominant when matched up against his peers, but what really sets him apart is how much he has improved his game within the last year. Although he is a highly-celebrated young player, he keeps a good head on his shoulders and consistently works to expand his game. The results were evident because his 3-point range has become more consistent and his handle has developed into a weapon.

He also instinctively plays with a great economy of motion, taking the ball off the glass and going coast to coast in three or four dribbles and only taking a single bounce to get to the rim when attacking in the half-court set. While Vonleh already stands at 6-foot-7, he may not be done growing and certainly hasn't finished growing into his body. With huge hands and feet to go along with thick legs, his frame could potentially be off the charts when it finally finishes filling out.