Jermaine Sanders changes his game 

October, 14, 2010
When Cincinnati landed New York native Jermaine Sanders two weeks ago the Bearcats picked up a talented swingman with a big, strong body and soft jumper on the wing. The part of the story that wasn't as widely reported was exactly what makes Sanders a guy that many young players can relate to, and ultimately root for.

Sanders is 6-foot-5 and although he plays on the wing now, he grew up playing under the basket as coaches saw his body type and immediately profiled him as a big man. "When Jermaine started out with me in the sixth grade he was our center," said New Heights director Kimani Young. "We had Cory Edwards, Tavon Sledge, and Shaquille Stokes on the perimeter so he played down low."

Like many young big men, Sanders dreamed of playing on the perimeter and would go to the gym not to refine his low-post moves but to shoot perimeter jumpers.