Naadir Tharpe master at using ball screen 

December, 3, 2010
The NBA game has long been known as a pick-and-roll game as ball-screen offense has dominated the playbooks of most of teams. More and more in recent years, college basketball has started to follow suit and for anyone, like myself, who enjoys watching the X's and O's as much as the individual talent, it seems this season that there are more teams relying on various types of ball-screen action than ever before.

Paying attention to the trends of the college game is an important part of being able to evaluate prospects for that level. While the high school and prep school games I've seen thus far this year have featured an equally high number of ball-screens, one thing that has stood out to me is the few number of players who really understand how to operate within that action.

There are numerous intricacies that go into it but the two most common problems that I have seen thus far are guards who don't understand how to initially set-up their angle and then who utilize the screen simply as a mechanism to turn the corner and charge to the hoop with absolutely no concept of how to read the defense.