Impact of coaching carousel 

March, 16, 2011
With Oklahoma's Jeff Capel and N.C. State's Sidney Lowe being the latest victims of the 2011 coaching carousel, the number of potentially available recruits continues to increase. While few would admit it, many coaches still looking to fill spots in their 2011 class have been patiently waiting for the inevitable carousel, knowing full well that additional prospects would come available as a result.

While verbally committed prospects become free game virtually instantly (they technically always were if they never signed), those who previously signed their National Letter of Intent aren't allowed contact with other schools until they receive their release -- but that doesn't stop other schools from putting "feelers" out to AAU coaches, high school coaches and anyone else connected to that player. And those "feelers" are often times the basis for just how hard that player fights for his release.

Here's a look at the seven high-major jobs currently open and the players who were committed at the time of the change. You can bet virtually every player on this list is sparking some interest right now, even if it does have to go through a middle man.