Andre Drummond's unique recruitment 

July, 28, 2011
Andre Drummond (Middletown, Conn./St. Thomas More) is the current No. 1 player in the Class of 2012, however, you could count the number of head coaches following him this week in Las Vegas on one hand ... and still have a couple of fingers left over.

Drummond's recruitment has been one of the most well-documented mysteries the recruiting world has seen in recent years. Ever since he exploded onto the national scene two summers ago in Orlando, Fla., Drummond has had intentionally-limited contact with the media, and when he does talk he doesn't give any type of recruiting list or thoughts on specific schools.

Drummond's silence has turned out to be a well-executed plan who has allowed him the opportunity to be a kid for a couple of more years. A predictable consequence however has been some journalists interjecting theories of their own. At this point, here is what we know for sure right now: