Impact of denying Enes Kanter 

September, 8, 2010
No story is as hot as the NCAA deciding on the eligibility of Kentucky's Enes Kanter (Turkey/ Stoneridge Prep), who is one of the highest profile foreign players to come to the United States in order to play college basketball ever. The potential for the NCAA to decide positively in Kanter's favor is an obvious threat to international teams that are not allowed to sign players under 18 years old to a contract, but have invested time and resources (read that as money) into developing a young player from an early age -- many times as young as 14 years old, if not younger.

If the NCAA believes (remember proof beyond a reasonable doubt or even the preponderance of the evidence is not required for the NCAA to rule negatively) that Kanter received money from Fenerbahce Ulcer, he will be ruled ineligible because of his experiences with a professional team, which he never signed a contract with.

As a result, a negative ruling (e.g. the termination of Kanter's college eligibility) would basically put an end to high-level foreign players coming to the United States to play college basketball because if the NCAA scrutinized every Division I foreign player from countries with professional teams, the NCAA would most likely find a similar professional team relationship with the majority of players.