Transferring midseason not a good idea 

February, 7, 2011
After the recent transfer of Larry Drew II from the University of North Carolina, I felt compelled to write an open letter of advice to all basketball players at the high school and college level that are considering a transfer in the middle of a season. It seems that in today's world of athletics -- which reflects society in general -- it has become a trend to make decisions based solely on what is best for the individual at that moment. Although it is obvious that UNC head coach Roy Williams is taking the high road in handling the situation with the media, I understand his released quote of "... each individual has to do what they think is best. He will be successful wherever he chooses to go.", but I disagree with it. A player that is able to leave his teammates at a key time of the season is not the type of person that you want in your foxhole. Although he may find some type of success in the future I would be willing to bet that the next time he is faced with an uncomfortable predicament, he is more likely to cut and run if it suits him best.

Dear players and families,

Once a season begins, players, coaches and countless support people have made a commitment to sacrifice a part of themselves for the good of the team. It is unknown how the season will develop, whether it be a triumph or heartache, but everyone is supposed to be pulling in the same direction. Here is some advice from a former player and coach regarding dealing with the difficult dilemma of being unhappy during a basketball season.