Willie Clayton trending up again 

July, 12, 2011
Willie Clayton (Thomasville, Ga./ Thomasville) learned how fleeting fame can be at a young age and he knows that people treat you differently based on perceptions.

Clayton's journey has definitely been an interesting one. Early in his high school career, because he was physically mature at a young age and dominant against his age group, he was considered an elite-level player. As other players in his class continued to develop physically and develop their skills it seemed that Clayton's game may have hit its ceiling. Subsequently, Clayon saw his stock plummet in relation to his peers and his recruiting go from getting heavy attention from the elite programs to mostly teams from non-BCS conferences.

To make things even more interesting, one of his high school teammates, Robert Carter, sky-rocketed up the rankings and is garnering all the attention from the elite programs.