Surprises include the A-10, UW, Jimmy Patsos

It is still early for college basketball teams, though the season would be over for many if the BCS controlled the hardwood. Think about it -- if the BCS ruled basketball, Texas would be completely out of the picture, given the beating it took from Duke in the Meadowlands on Saturday.

There is some beauty in college basketball's process. Although it will be difficult, Texas still has a great chance to win a national championship in March and get a rematch with Duke. Similarly, last year, North Carolina got beat a few times, including a lackluster loss in the ACC Tournament, yet the Heels turned it around and cut down the nets in St. Louis.

There is time -- time to mature, to come together, to learn how to win and win big ones. In March, everyone starts again at 0-0. The smart teams play every game like they are 0-0.