The Horns usually dominate, but can be exposed

Outstanding college basketball teams can be defined by their results. When they win, it is often by a big margin. And in their rare losses, the score isn't lopsided.

That is why there is some doubt as to whether Texas, coming off a 21-point loss to Oklahoma State on Sunday, is an outstanding team. While the Longhorns only have four losses, each was by double digits, and the one striking thing about the Longhorns this season is their defense's tendency to be absent for long stretches. Unfortunately for them, those stretches have sometimes been 40 minutes long.

The most recent example is the game against the Cowboys. Texas surrendered 81 points on 65 possessions. The resulting defensive efficiency of 124.6 (points per 100 possessions) is about as poorly as a top-notch defense can play. This has been the problem in all of the Horns' losses. Duke, Tennessee and Oklahoma each posted an offensive efficiency north of 120 in their double-digit wins over Texas.