Indiana turns the page

Indiana is counting on Cody Zeller to lead the Hoosiers back to the top of the Big Ten. David Dixon/Natural Talent

This week ESPN.com is turning its attention to a group of teams you usually don't hear too much about. We're looking at the programs that finished last in their respective conferences last season. And with all due respect to the likes of Iowa State, LSU and DePaul, I think it's fair to say that one of these programs is not like the others. Specifically, one of these programs has five national championships to its name.

That team is Indiana. In most arenas, a team's championship banners are relegated to the relatively dim recesses of the rafters. But at the uniquely rectangular Assembly Hall in Bloomington, the Hoosiers' five national championship banners are on prominent display. The program's illustrious past has made Indiana's recent struggles all the more striking. In Tom Crean's three seasons at the helm, IU has posted an 8-46 record in Big Ten play.