Will Nevada, Gonzaga and Seton Hall be Giants or Giant Killers?

James Snook/USA TODAY Sports

There's plenty of time for seeding fortunes to be swung.

Even at this late juncture in the season, the range of seeding possibilities for midtier teams remains so vast that today we'll identify see-saw squads that could still end up as pesky Giant Killers or vulnerable Giants, depending on how each team's final stretch shakes out.

According to our BPI projections, teams such as Oklahoma (which John Gasaway covered last week) have at least a 1 percent chance of landing anywhere between a 4-seed and 12-seed. That's quite the spread.

And it presents an interesting quirk to the end of the college basketball season. If there's a team out there that you know you'll want to pick above expectation in March Madness, then you don't want that team to win too much now. That would bloat the team's seed, and all of a sudden, your pesky 7-seed is a trendy 4-seed the entire world has advancing to the second weekend of the tournament.

So beyond Oklahoma, let's dive into a few of the teams threading the thin needle between Giant and Giant Killer.