Buying, selling the latest round of Bracketology

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Enjoy your No. 1 seed while it lasts, Michigan fans.

The Wolverines are 17-0 and, according to our Bracketology expert Joe Lunardi, are currently sitting as a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. As they should, given their undefeated record and all.

But No. 1 seeds in January don't earn you a guaranteed first-round victory the way the ones in March do (oops ... sorry, Virginia). And that's why, in companion with Bracketology, we're turning to BPI to try to gauge where teams will end up, based on our projections for the remainder of the regular season and conference tournaments and simulations of the selection process.

In other words: Bracketology (and to a lesser degree, NET) tells us where teams are now. BPI is all about where they're headed. Today we're focusing on teams whose seeds -- or even their chances to earn a berth -- are expected to take a turn for the worse. Our next installment will forecast future tournament risers.