Why the ACC deserves three No. 1 seeds -- regardless of the Duke-UNC outcome

Williams: Zion should sit out intense rivalry matchup vs. UNC (0:43)

Jay Williams expects the intensity of Duke vs. North Carolina to be so high that Zion Williamson should sit out until the ACC quarterfinals. (0:43)

Duke vs. North Carolina Round 2 is here. Zion Williamson's status is on everyone's mind, but perhaps we should be discussing the impact this game has on who will get a No. 1 seed on March 17.

Duke is currently a No. 1 seed in Joe Lunardi's bracketology, and UNC is a No. 2 seed. Many people see the winner of this game as being a No. 1 seed and the loser a No. 2 seed. The metrics tell a different story, saying regardless of who wins, both of these teams deserve a No. 1 seed on Selection Sunday.