Jay Bilas picks every game in the 2019 NCAA tournament bracket

Who will be taking home the national title? (4:47)

Dick Vitale, Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams and Rece Davis share their predictions for who is going to survive and capture the men's basketball national title. (4:47)

Every year, the NCAA tournament bracket is revealed while all of us bloviating gasbags are on the Bracketology set and, having been on the air when the bracket is revealed, we are handed the matchups and asked to analyze them with very little advance notice.

Truthfully, we have no advance notice. We are being asked to talk intelligently about snubs, seedings and matchups for the bracket-filling public to analyze and enjoy, while at the same time our great crew and unreasonable bosses are asking us to fill out a makeshift bracket so our "picks" can be revealed before the end of the Bracketology show. We do this because our bosses believe that you, the unwashed masses, hang on our every ego-filled assessment of the teams and matchups to fill out your brackets and win countless dollars in your illegal, yet glorious, office pool.

That got me thinking ... which is a dangerous thing. What if I were allowed more than five minutes to make these decisions and could actually think about it? How brilliant would my picks be? The answer is below, and it is quite impressive, indeed. In fact, it is spectacular. This is your ticket to winning every office pool and bracket challenge known to humankind. Or you can let your 6-year-old child make your picks. Same difference. As always, you're welcome.