Want the inside scoop on the NCAA tournament? Ask the coaches

How to choose your bracket's champion (2:17)

The bracket has been released, and you need to decide which team will win the national championship. Gain an edge by letting history be your guide. (2:17)

Duke is not only the favorite in Las Vegas to cut down the nets in Minneapolis, but it's also the favorite among coaches and scouts.

On Monday, I polled college coaches from all levels -- high-major, mid-major, low-major -- and NBA scouts to ask for their national championship picks in the NCAA tournament.

Here were the results of the 25 people I polled:

1. Duke -- 9
T-2. Virginia -- 5
T-2. North Carolina -- 5
4. Gonzaga -- 4
T-5. Michigan State -- 1
T-5. Michigan -- 1

Duke received nine votes, with most people polled pointing to the Blue Devils' obvious strengths: Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and overwhelming talent. But not everyone was on the Duke bandwagon, with only 36 percent of coaches and scouts polled picking the Blue Devils. Those who didn't pick Duke were worried about the Blue Devils' 3-point shooting consistency and preferred teams with more experience.

"They'll have a night where they don't shoot it well, and it's a wrap," one coach said.

Virginia and North Carolina were next in line, with five votes each.

On Virginia: "It's a redemption tour for them."

On North Carolina: "Experience has won every year recently."

Gonzaga, the remaining 1-seed, rounded out the schools receiving multiple votes.

"Offense wins championships," one coach said of the Bulldogs' top-ranked adjusted offensive efficiency.

"It was my gut reaction early in the year, and I'm sticking with it," one scout said, adding that the loss to Saint Mary's in the West Coast Conference title game nearly changed his mind.

Here's what else the coaches and scouts I talked to are saying about this year's bracket: