Duke's bad 3-point shooting matters less than you think

Virginia Tech-Duke reunites familiar ACC foes (1:20)

The short-handed Hokies upset the Zion Williamson-less Blue Devils in February, and revenge is on the menu with both squads at full strength. (1:20)

It's no secret that Duke's 3-point shooting is really bad: 30.7 percent, to be specific. The Blue Devils' national ranking in 3-point accuracy fluctuates from day to day as postseason tournament games continue to be played, but let's just say the number is mired in the 320s and 330s out of 353 teams.

Naturally, no team that has won it all has been this bad at 3-point shooting. (For the record, Connecticut cut down the nets in 2011 despite making 32.9 percent of its 3s.)

Does this mean Mike Krzyzewski's team will be blocked from a national title by its ineptness on the perimeter? If so, why do the college basketball observers who dwell on Duke's bad shooting and even quote ominous historical statistics often pick these very same Blue Devils to win it all?

There might be some wisdom in this incongruous behavior. Let's consider what we think we know about Duke, shooting and championships.