What are the possible destinations for John Beilein in college basketball?

Stephen A., Williams get heated over Beilein's comments (2:15)

Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams have a heated discussion about John Beilein's controversial comments during the Cavs film session. (2:15)

While much of the country on Sunday night was focused on the Elam ending, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst broke a story that could have ramifications in both the NBA and college basketball. According to league sources, the Cleveland Cavaliers and coach John Beilein have discussed the possibility of Beilein stepping down as early as this week.

The Cavaliers are the worst team in the Eastern Conference, sitting at just 14-40 at the All-Star break. Beilein has had a number of issues in his first year in the NBA, including an incident in which he had to apologize to his team for referring to them as "a bunch of thugs."

Beilein left Michigan last May to sign a five-year deal with the Cavaliers, but it appears that venture might end after less than one season. An offensive mastermind, he established himself as one of the best coaches in the country during his 12 seasons in Ann Arbor, leading the Wolverines to two national championship games and five Sweet 16 appearances.

The prospect of Beilein being a candidate for college openings this spring has been discussed in industry circles for weeks, sources told ESPN. If he did step down at some point over the next month, he would be available as a candidate earlier than expected.

What might be the next move for Beilein?