Top one-and-done candidates

Andrew Wiggins (right) and Jabari Parker could both be in the NBA by the 2014-15 season. Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports

As you have probably heard by now, the 2014 NBA draft class is expected to be very good. That's in large part thanks to the fact that, unlike the 2013 draft class, there is some serious star power at the top, including several one-and-done candidates.

Having studied the players of the class of 2013 throughout their high school careers, I've identified the five guys most likely to make the jump to the NBA after just one college season. Let's look at the talent they're bringing to the table, and how their freshman seasons will prepare them for the pros.

1. Andrew Wiggins, Kansas Jayhawks

Wiggins could have been the No. 1 pick in this year's draft if he had been eligible, and he's the overwhelming front-runner to be the top pick in 2014. He is special because he possesses many skills, but one in particular will be of immediate influence at the next level: his athletic ability.