Impact of the one-and-done rule

Did John Wall's season at Kentucky make him more likely to succeed in the NBA? Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Everyone remembers Kwame Brown. When talking about the history of players who went from the prom to the pros, the case of the former Washington Wizards No. 1 overall pick inevitably rises to the forefront of the conversation. As the spectacular misjudgment of then-Washington president Michael Jordan, Brown serves as the NBA's Exhibit A when the league rationalizes the 2005 ban it put on high schoolers trying to join the big leagues.

Talk about confirmation bias.

The league was able to convince the masses that high schoolers aren't fit for the big show despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Here's the hidden truth about David Stern's NBA: Most of its stars never went to college. And college play doesn't seem to impact the success of the one-and-done stars.

The myth of the prep liability