Allan Chaney's defibrillator goes off

High Point senior Allan Chaney, one of two current Division I players competing with the assistance of an internal defibrillator, appeared to collapse during his team's home matchup against Wofford on Sunday.

But team spokesman Jon Litchfield told ESPN.com that Chaney actually "laid down" -- and did not collapse -- after his device went off during the game. Chaney eventually returned to the bench.

"He was waiting to rebound while a Wofford player was getting ready to shoot" a free throw, Litchfield wrote in an email. "The device activated and Allan laid down on the court -- he didn't collapse -- and waved the trainer over. Our athletic trainer took him back to the locker room where doctors checked him out to make sure everything is OK. After that, Allan was able to come back out to the bench."

Chaney told ESPN.com Sunday night that he was OK.

"My defibrillator went off," Chaney said. "I didn't have any pain or anything. I didn't lose consciousness or anything. I'm fine."

Chaney, who transferred from Florida to Virginia Tech after the 2008-09 season, was diagnosed with viral myocarditis, an inflammatory heart disease, after he collapsed during an individual workout with the Hokies in April 2010. He then underwent a surgical procedure to insert the defibrillator into his chest.

Per the Mayo Clinic's website, an activated defibrillator "delivers extra beats or electrical shocks to restore a normal heart rhythm when necessary."

Virginia Tech would not clear Chaney to compete after that incident. Last year, he played his first game since the 2008-09 season. He's averaging 18.3 points per game for the Panthers, whom he joined last summer.

Seth Greenberg, an ESPN analyst who coached Chaney at Virginia Tech and talked to the player's family about the incident on Sunday, said there were no red flags when Chaney's device was checked last week. Greenberg said Chaney's parents told him that they were awaiting answers.

"I just had it checked about four days ago and everything was great," Chaney said. "I don't know what happened, but I'm OK."

Litchfield said Chaney will meet with doctors tomorrow.

"Allan is feeling fine and said he wants everyone to know that he has been feeling fine all along," Litchfield said. "His defibrillator device activated during the game. We don't know why the device activated. Allan said he was feeling fine before that, and is feeling fine now. Allan will sit out the rest of [Sunday's] game for precautionary purposes and get checked out by doctors [Monday]."

Utah State's Danny Berger is the other Division I player with an internal defibrillator.

ESPN.com's Jeff Goodman contributed to this report.