Kentucky poised for greatness

Freshman Julius Randle and Kentucky score a prolific 1.23 points per possession this season. Mark Zerof/USA TODAY Sports

Things have been kind of quiet on the Kentucky front lately, haven't they? After suffering its only loss of the season at the hands of Michigan State on Nov. 12, John Calipari's team reeled off five straight wins against mostly overmatched opponents. Over the past three weeks there wasn't a lot of say about what is perhaps Division I's most talked-about program.

That's about to change. Starting with the upcoming game against Baylor, the Wildcats are entering a portion of their schedule where they'll be tested more severely than they have been to date. Calipari's men will close out the calendar year with games against the Bears, Boise State (currently 7-0), North Carolina (in Chapel Hill), Belmont (which you may remember won its game at UNC) and Louisville. If a young team like UK is something of a mystery in early December, the next five games should help clear up that mystery even if they don't solve it entirely.