Conference tourney betting guide

With Joel Embiid out with a back injury, Kansas is a conference favorite that could be vulnerable. Ed Zurga/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- It seems the whole world -- or at least that of college basketball fans -- is looking forward to Selection Sunday and the start of the NCAA tournament. But while recreational bettors are using "Championship Week" to learn about the teams that they might want to bet on next week, this is one of the best weeks of the year for wiseguys to bet the games and build their bankrolls. There can be more profitable opportunities this week than in the NCAA tourney itself.

There are several reasons for this. For one, there are far more games to choose from as just about every Division I college team plays in a conference tournament nowadays (the Ivy League excluded), and sharps always prefer when there are more games on the betting board because it means more chances for oddsmakers to make mistakes. When you add in the fact that a lot more casual basketball bettors start getting involved with the conference tournaments as they prep for the Big Dance, you have a market that is ripe for the picking.