Top 5 potential one-and-dones

Duke freshman Jahili Okafor, a 6-foot-10 center, could be the 2015 NBA draft's top selection. Brian Spurlock/McDonalds

The 2014 NBA draft has passed, and now the attention turns to the Class of 2015. Next year's class might not come with the hype of this year's group, but one thing is for sure: There are some exciting prospects coming to the college game who might stay for only one year.

Having scouted these elite prospects throughout their high school careers, I wanted to offer a little forecast on which players could realistically be ready for the pros after one season of college ball (or overseas) ball.

These five players, if they enter the season with the right approach and continue to develop, should have their names called early in the 2015 NBA draft.

1. Jahlil Okafor | C | Duke Blue Devils

At 6-foot-11 with a 7-5 wingspan and a body that is now shaping up, Okafor will be the talk of next year's draft, as far as freshmen go. A true center from the moment he stepped on the floor in high school, he has embraced every minute of playing inside. With a strong, wide body -- especially through the legs -- Okafor can make and maintain contact with his defender to gain the position he wants to operate on the blocks.