Nation's most consistent programs

Kansas is the only team to earn a No. 1 or No. 2 seed in each of the past five NCAA tournaments. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Ask a college head coach about the NBA's current eligibility rules, commonly referred to as the "one-and-done" era, and you're likely to hear a long list of complaints.

The coaches will tell you that one-and-done players make it difficult to maintain a program's consistency. There's little or no veteran leadership anymore. And with highly rated freshmen eyeing professional careers sooner rather than later, first-year stars can on occasion be motivated to display individual potential (for instance 3-point range) even if it's at the expense of team performance.

But is that first complaint really true? I decided to look a little deeper into the matter by coming up with a ranking of the nation's most consistent programs over the past five seasons.