Collins' vision for Northwestern

Chris Collins, a longtime assistant at Duke, has Northwestern primed for a postseason berth. Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

There was some really interesting, but misplaced, public discussion last week about the "X's and O's" ability of a few very successful college basketball coaches. Some smart people (though some might differ on that point) opined whether John Calipari or Mike Krzyzewski were elite X's and O's coaches and can move the pieces around the chessboard with the best of them.

I believe that both can, and have proven they can do it with absolutely anyone.

The same issue was then raised to me with regard to Northwestern. The Wildcats are on a quest to build a program that would compete for the upper division of the rugged Big Ten and finally earn a berth in the NCAA tournament. Because Chris Collins, the progeny of basketball icon Doug Collins, has X's and O's ability, can he use that to lead Northwestern to the Big Dance?