How Calipari 'hacked' basketball

John Calipari's Wildcats look poised to run through the SEC. What's the secret to his success? AP Images/Icon Sportswire

A clear pattern is emerging with Kentucky, isn't it? For one thing, venue doesn't matter. Arguably the Wildcats' two "worst" games (ha), against Buffalo and Columbia, both occurred at home. Conversely, in neutral-site games against the blue-chip likes of Kansas and UCLA, John Calipari's men have outscored their opponents by an average of more than 35 points per contest.

In a few days, UK will play its first true road game, at Louisville, and if the pattern described above is any guide, the Cardinals can expect to get the Wildcats at their very best. And if Kentucky does indeed prevail in that game, there will be a good deal of talk to the effect that the path is now clear for Calipari's team to run the table against a lackluster SEC.

The Cats do indeed have the best chance of running the table of any team we've seen since, well, Wichita State last season. But I have a request: If Kentucky reaches March with a "0" (or for that matter a "1") in the loss column, don't chalk the team's success up to talent alone. Calipari does have the most talented rotation in the country, but it's what he has chosen to do with that talent that has set his team apart in 2014-15.