Projecting the ACC standings

The presence of Jahlil Okafor has only strengthened the ACC's reputation in 2014-15. AP Photo/Ellen Ozier


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As well as the Big 12 and Big East have done during the nonconference season, and despite the fact that the Big Ten cleaned its clock in the annual ACC-Big Ten Challenge, the Atlantic Coast Conference has the strongest collection of teams at the top in the country. The Big 12 is the best league, overall, with more balance and more quality teams, top to bottom, but no league has the strength at the top like the ACC does.

The ACC has four teams rated in the top 8 of the KenPom.com efficiency ratings, five teams in the top 21, seven teams in the top 60, and eight teams in the top 70. By comparison, the Big 12 does not have a single team rated among the KenPom.com top 8, but has seven teams rated 10 through 25, and eight teams in the top 50.

The Big 12 may have more quality teams overall, but no league has better individual players than the ACC. The talent level among the top teams in the league is staggering, and picking five as All-ACC is a difficult challenge that reminds one of the "good old days" of the league, before expansion.

A look at how I expect the standings to look at the end of the regular season:

1. Duke Blue Devils