Bilas Index: Top 68 rankings

College basketball in 2014-15 has been nothing but chaos, with occasional pandemonium, and a splash of anarchy. There have been just two certainties in the non-linear disorder that is the college game: Kentucky and The Bilas Index (certainly not in that order). The Bilas Index provides predictability and certitude in assessing and measuring college basketball success and accomplishment in a way that nothing else can, and for that, all of you owe The Bilastrator your profound thanks and gratitude. You're welcome.

Using established metrics that purport to tackle the infinite complexity of the game's landscape, especially ESPN's Basketball Power Index (BPI), The Bilastrator applies his massive gray matter and vast basketball knowledge and experience to bring to the game a certain wisdom, insight, perception and astuteness that educates the unwashed masses, all of whom were confusedly stumbling through the game with disorder and disarray as their playthings.

One of the unwashed that was saved by The Bilastrator was young John Gasaway, who was lost among you analyzing data and reporting his findings, gasping to make sense of the muddle in the middle, while others simply throw up their hands and say, "that's college basketball ... it's parity." The Bilastrator was impressed by young Gas-hopper, and took him in to educate him, and he has not disappointed.

Young Gas-hopper brings the ability to recognize the complex nature of the game, and apply the appropriate analytics to bring some semblance of order. He also makes use of the greatest analytical power in the game's history, the superior basketball intellect of The Bilastrator. With The Bilastrator's clear understanding of the interconnections in the game, combined with Gas-hopper's intelligent crunching of numbers, we disambiguate the game for you so that you can better understand and enjoy a rating and ranking system that is nothing less than absolute certainty. And, we appreciate your eternal gratitude. Again and as always, you're welcome.

1. Kentucky Wildcats

The Wildcats are getting better, which should be bad news for any upcoming opponent. While Kentucky is not a perfect team and is beatable (it almost happened Tuesday night against LSU), doing so will take an extraordinary effort. Kentucky still has a historically good defense and, from an efficiency standpoint, a top-10 offense (in part due to scoring off its defense). On Saturday, Florida had one of its best performances (despite being without Michael Frazier in the second half) and Kentucky answered the bell by making every free throw and shooting over 50 percent from the field. And, remember, Kentucky was without Trey Lyles, and Devin Booker was out for significant stretches against the Gators. -- Jay Bilas