Debunking CBB's biggest myths

Despite the myth, the person more likely to get this rebound may also be the better player. Cal Sport Media via AP Images

In college it was standard practice to title any research paper "The Myth of [fill in the blank]," and usually these essays contained a labored paragraph insisting that the term "myth" carries no negative connotation. Well, maybe not, but no one titles a paper "The Myth of the Log Cabin and Hard Cider Campaign" and then concludes the historians had it exactly right all along.

So let me be perfectly clear. My use of the term "myth" not only implies but explicitly states a negative verdict, because the following college hoops myths are wrong, wrong, wrong. Let the debunking begin!

1. Jahlil Okafor is superior to Frank Kaminsky because his traditional stats are better

I just saw the following stats on a graphic during the Wisconsin game this past weekend, so it's worth taking another look at these figures:

Okafor is averaging 18.2 points and 9.6 rebounds a game. As for Kaminsky, his 31-point outburst against Michigan State brought his scoring average up to Okafor's level (almost: 18.1), but he still lags behind Duke's star in rebounds (8.3). It has also been noted that Okafor's shooting percentage from the field (66.3) is far higher than Kaminsky's (54.9).