NCAA grants Army veteran Isaiah Brock eligibility for Oakland

The NCAA on Monday granted decorated Army veteran Isaiah Brock immediate eligibility to play for Oakland University, after ruling him ineligible earlier this month.

"We're appreciative of the NCAA initially awarding Isaiah with the ability to receive athletics financial assistance in addition to eligibility for practice," Oakland athletic director Jeff Konya said in a statement. "And we are even more thankful that the reconsideration has resulted in this decision for Isaiah."

Brock received an Army Commendation Medal and other honors for his services as a mortuary affairs specialist in Afghanistan. His duties entailed the removal of fallen soldiers.

Before Monday's decision, the NCAA had allowed Brock to practice with the team and receive financial aid, but he couldn't participate in games until Oakland submitted additional information to the NCAA. Oakland provided the information last week, resulting in Monday's decision by the NCAA to clear him to compete in games.

"I just want to thank the NCAA for giving me the opportunity to play this year and I also want to thank all of my teammates, family and friends for all of their support through this process," Brock said in the statement. "I'm very grateful and I won't let this opportunity go to waste!"

Brock took two online classes while deployed in Afghanistan in 2013. He received an A and B in those courses, he said. He earned two B's in the summer courses he took at Oakland. Brock, who met Oakland coach Greg Kampe during a Troops First event in Kuwait, was not an academic qualifier out of high school.

Brock was among the men and women who would iron American flags and drape them over the caskets of fallen soldiers, who were then transported back to the United States by air. Brock has told ESPN he participated in transfer ceremonies for nearly 40 fallen soldiers during his two tours in Afghanistan and Kuwait (2015).

ESPN's Myron Medcalf contributed to this report.