March Madness 2021: BYU Cougars enjoy COVID-19 testing and rescue a teammate from an elevator

March Madness is full of escapes and displays of immense joy and camaraderie from a team. The BYU Cougars had both on Thursday and they haven't even played an 2021 NCAA men's tournament game yet.

According to the NCAA's health and safety protocols, team members and staff must undergo daily tests for the coronavirus upon arriving in Indianapolis for the tournament. That being the case, not many seemed as excited as the Cougars were on Thursday to take their daily tests.

That wasn't all the Cougars had to celebrate.

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Junior guard Jesse Wade got stuck in a hotel elevator. But his teammates rallied, put the full-court press on opening the stuck door and Wade survived the ordeal and advanced, presumably, to his hotel room.

That was just part of the day for the Cougars at the NCAA tournament. Imagine their adventures on Friday before they actually play the No. 11-seeded UCLA Bruins on Saturday.