The best behind the arc

Ashton Gibbs (12) is one of the best from behind the arc in college hoops. AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

The college 3-point shot is now 25 years old, and in the past quarter century, the arc has changed and impacted almost every aspect of the college game. Initially resisted by many, the line has had an enormous influence on the game and the way it's played.

The 3-pointer is an asymmetrical threat, and it opened up the game much like the forward pass opened up football. Because of the asymmetrical threat, defenses have to extend, which opens up driving lanes and leaves the post unprotected. It has made the end of games more exciting and leads much harder to hold. And it has provided David with a real weapon against Goliath, instead of that little slingshot that is one in a million.

There have been some great shooters in college basketball during that time period, including Michigan's Glen Rice, Creighton's Kyle Korver, Arizona's Salim Stoudamire, UCLA's Reggie Miller, Marshall's Keith Veney, Tennessee's Allan Houston, UConn's Ray Allen, Davidson's Stephen Curry, Virginia's Curtis Staples, NC State's Rodney Monroe, Wisconsin Green Bay's Tony Bennett (current coach at Virginia) and UCLA's Jason Kapono.

The hardest call was to leave Rice out of the top three, but from my seat, here are the top three shooters since the 3-point line was painted on the floor in 1987: