Can anyone catch Coach K?

Bill Self is one of several accomplished coaches looking up at Coach K's win total. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As you may have heard, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski has overtaken his mentor Bob Knight and set a record for career wins by a Division I head coach. With 903 victories under his belt, Coach K stands alone at No. 1 ... and he's still going. Let's take a moment to celebrate an amazing achievement, the equivalent of recording a 30-win season every season for 30 years.

OK. And now, on to the next moment. Let's ask the obvious but nevertheless intriguing question: Can any coach hope to break Coach K's record?

It won't be easy. Krzyzewski is 64 years old -- a bit younger than standard-issue Big East legends like Jim Calhoun (69) and Jim Boeheim (about to turn 67) -- and he hasn't even hinted at retiring. It's not at all inconceivable that Coach K could reach 1,000 wins before he's done. In fact, if he coaches just four more seasons it's a virtual certainty. Who can possibly match a figure like that?