Freshmen Davis, Zeller shine early

Freshmen Cody Zeller and Anthony Davis have been stellar early on. Icon SMI

Ever want a way to compare every player in college basketball? John Hollinger has your answer. With his college player efficiency ratings (PER), we can evaluate the productivity of Division I hoopsters from Arizona to Youngstown State to see who's really helping his team the most.

It's early, yes, but the blue-chippers are holding steadfast atop the PER rankings.

Of the top 25 players ranked in John Hollinger's PER database, eight are underclassmen -- the highest number of freshmen and sophomores since the 2007-08 season. Among them are two freshmen who arrived in Lexington and Bloomington amid much anticipation. Safe to say Anthony Davis and Cody Zeller are delivering on those expectations, ranking near the top of our PER-based Player Power Rankings.