Heels need Barnes to board

John Henson (left) needs more support from Harrison Barnes (right) on the defensive glass. Lance King/Icon SMI

Ever want a way to compare every player in college basketball? John Hollinger has your answer. With his college player efficiency ratings (PER), we can evaluate the productivity of Division I hoopsters from Arizona to Youngstown State to see who's really helping his team the most.

Coming on the heels of a nearly 20-point victory, the last topic we should need to cover is North Carolina's defense. Despite how outmatched Texas appeared at certain intervals during the defeat, it's evident that, unless North Carolina corrects some fundamental areas of its defense, these defensive lapses will be the cause of future defeats.

According to tempo-free statistics compiled by Ken Pomeroy, North Carolina is a tough draw, sporting offensive and defensive rates that rank in the nation's top 10. Although none of the Tar Heels is among John Hollinger's top 50 for PER, the Heels are well accounted for in the ACC's PER rankings; Harrison Barnes (22.95) might be the best-known Heel, but he doesn't have UNC's highest conference PER; that title belongs to John Henson (26.30).