Updated Final Four picks

Our experts think Dion Waiters and Syracuse are headed to New Orleans, but who will join them? AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli

With the college football season behind us and conference play set to shift into high gear, we asked our college hoops experts to revisit their preseason Final Four predictions.

Fran Fraschilla

Preseason Final Four picks: Kentucky, North Carolina, UConn and Louisville
Updated picks: Kentucky, North Carolina, UConn and Syracuse

I hate to replace Louisville, but substituting Syracuse in its spot is the logical choice. I had to decide between both teams when I made my selection in the preseason and went with the Cardinals. The Orange are the deepest team I've seen with two of their top four scorers, Dion Waiters and C.J. Fair, coming off the bench. At the moment, they are the best squad in the country, and it would be foolish of me to ignore how well they have played.