Tom Izzo's best offense ever?

Don't worry, be happy, Tom Izzo. Your Spartans are looking like a legit Final Four contender. Tim Fuller/US Presswire

If I were somehow given the ability to create an alternate hoops reality and I wanted to whip up an exceptionally underrated team from scratch, here's how I'd go about it:

I'd have my team enter the season unranked.

Then I'd make sure my team started the season 0-2.

Once my team got to conference play, I'd see to it that we lost a couple of close road games.

And maybe most important of all, I'd make sure my underrated group isn't even the best team in its own conference.

But of course I don't need to do any of the above because there's a real-life team that answers to this description. That team is Michigan State, and, yes, its is indeed exceptionally underrated.