Cuse, UK battle for No. 1 overall seed

Dion Waiters and Syracuse can still rise above Kentucky for the top overall spot. Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Welcome back to the expanded edition of Joe Lunardi's Rundown. Since the start of January, this series has featured tournament odds, an element that will take you deeper into Bracketology. Bracketology provides a snapshot of how the bracket looks on a specific day, but, through the use of Lunardi's extensive database of previous seasons, tournament odds tell you how the bracket is likely to look come Selection Sunday.

Top line report

It's been a long time since the top line has been so muddled this late in the season. More accurately, it's been a really long time since so many teams had this good a chance for a No. 1 seed so late in the year.

Let's break it down:

• Syracuse and Kentucky will be No. 1 seeds in some order. Eventually, if both teams win out, I will have to relent and make the Wildcats No. 1 overall. It's not how I would vote, but I'm fairly certain the committee would follow the national consensus.