Top five offenses for 2012-13

Cody Zeller had a superb freshman season and will lead the Indiana offense as a sophomore. AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Last year I spent a good deal of time trying to convince people that Kentucky's offense was even better than its (outstanding) defense. Why did I feel so strongly about this matter? Possibly because the Wildcats were scoring points at a rate (1.20 points per possession in SEC play) that I hadn't seen from any major-conference team since the days when Deron Williams and Chris Paul were leading Illinois and Wake Forest, respectively, to similar heights of efficiency.

The good news is I don't foresee any such analytic confusion recurring in 2013. I'm betting that the following programs will feature the best offenses in the country, and, at the risk of offending their defensive prowess, none of these teams has an Anthony Davis-type ridiculous defensive man-weapon to confuse the casual observer.

People will say these are the top five offenses in college basketball this season, and people will be correct.

5. Creighton Bluejays
I thought I'd start with an easy pick. Creighton had an outstanding offense last year, and Doug McDermott will be back for his junior year, so it stands to reason that the Bluejays once again will be elite on that side of the ball, right?