Top five defenses for 2012-13

Jeff Withey is the biggest reason why Kansas should play dominant defense in 2012-13. Peter G. Aiken/US Presswire

A couple of days ago, I unveiled the five teams that I believe will have the best offenses in the country this season: Indiana, Florida, Duke, Missouri and Creighton. Once again, I congratulate all five teams -- none of whom figures to have a defense that will be as effective as its offense.

Conversely, I expect the following teams to play some truly outstanding D in 2012-13:

5. Ohio State Buckeyes
You've probably heard that Aaron Craft is pretty fair on defense, and you've heard correctly. His contributions on that side of the ball aren't necessarily easily quantifiable, but the visible angst and patent discomfort exhibited by players Craft is guarding surely counts for something, and on this metric, the young man does indeed excel.