Kentucky creates questions

John Calipari has a great talent in Nerlens Noel, but also a lot of coaching to do. AP Photo/James Crisp

During college hoops season, Jay Bilas and Chad Ford will start the week off by addressing a big question, evaluating NBA prospects on the rise and looking ahead to next week.

The discussion: What are your early impressions of this season's Kentucky team?

Chad Ford: More than 30 NBA scouts and executives packed into the Barclays Center on Friday night to see college basketball's only NBA team, the Kentucky Wildcats.

Not only are the Wildcats ranked No. 3 in the country but they also, once again, sport more NBA draft prospects than any other team in the country.

None of the Wildcats' hyped crew got off to a particularly stellar start. In fact, the best players on the floor were walk-on Jarrod Polson and sophomore Kyle Wiltjer -- the two guys on the Wildcats' roster NBA scouts aren't very excited about. Polson isn't going to get a serious look from NBA scouts, and Wiltjer, though a shooter, looks as if he'd be a major defensive liability at the next level.

So, what did scouts think of the five guys they are seriously interested in drafting, and what should the expectations be for this team this season?