Is Florida the SEC's best team?

Kenny Boynton has done a good job both scoring and running the offense this season. Kim Klement/US Presswire

The Florida Gators are in an interesting position right now. They are the highest-ranked team in the SEC, yet still tend to be overshadowed by conference rivals the Kentucky Wildcats and (to a lesser extent) the Missouri Tigers.

I tend to side with the voters, as I think the Gators are playing the best basketball at the moment among all SEC teams. They are 5-0, including a 74-56 blowout of a tough and defensive-minded Wisconsin team (their aircraft carrier matchup with Georgetown was canceled at halftime).

This theory of mine is about to be put to the test, however, with the Gators' next three games coming against Marquette (Thursday night), at Florida State and at Arizona. What do I like about the Gators' chances to finish the season as the SEC's top team, and which teams will be their toughest challengers for the league title? Let's take a look.