Freshman Impact: Florida

Kasey Hill, the No. 2 ranked point guard in the class of 2013, is expected to help Florida right away. AP Photo/Damen Jackson via Triple Play New Media

For the "Freshman Impact" series, Insider's college basketball and recruiting experts will be teaming up to examine how 15 of the nation's best recruiting classes will fit in with their teams in the 2013-14 season.

Today, John Gasaway and Reggie Rankin look at the Florida Gators. For links to the rest of the articles, click here.

John: Reggie, correct me if I'm wrong, but Florida's in a rut. By my count, the Gators have been to three consecutive Elite Eights now, with nary a Final Four to show for it in that stretch. And now Billy Donovan has to replace Kenny Boynton, Mike Rosario, and Erik Murphy. That's a lot of talent going out the door. Can the newcomers make up that difference?

Reggie: That was a lot of talent and experience going out the door, John. But say this for the new guys: Florida's overall athleticism is about to go up a notch.


John: Great point, Reggie. I know the knock on the Gators last season was that they really weren't all that athletic, and that they didn't necessarily have a great featured scorer. Then again this offense did score 1.13 points per possession in SEC play (tops in the league), so clearly they were doing something right. What about next season? Let's start with Kasey Hill. What will we see from the highly touted point guard in his first season?