Freshman Impact: Indiana

Incoming freshman Noah Vonleh is a versatile forward who will put up points for the Hoosiers. Courtesy of Kelly Kline/Adidas

For the Freshman Impact series, Insider's college basketball and recruiting experts will be teaming up to examine how 15 of the nation's best recruiting classes will fit in with their teams in the 2013-14 season.

Today, John Gasaway and Reggie Rankin look at the Indiana Hoosiers. For links to the rest of the articles, click here.

John: Reggie, with this installment of our Freshman Impact series, we encounter a case of extreme personnel turnover. I'm used to discussing teams that have lost a key player or two from last season, but what's taken place at Indiana is truly striking. Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo, Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls are gone. I guess that's good news for the incoming freshmen, because there's plenty of available playing time. But is the youth of this team good news for IU fans?

Reggie: It depends on your expectations, John. The Hoosiers won't be as strong as they would have been if Zeller and Oladipo hadn't left early, of course, but Tom Crean has put together an outstanding recruiting class, one that will form the core of this program for the foreseeable future.


John: Now that I've named everyone who left, maybe I should talk about someone who will actually be in uniform. Let's start with Yogi Ferrell, who's suddenly a crusty veteran by the standards of this young roster. Ferrell started his freshman campaign by being extremely tentative in terms of looking for his own shot, and he ended the season with what might fairly be termed as a disastrous performance against an amazing Syracuse defense. But in between his start and finish, I saw a lot to make Hoosier fans optimistic about 2013-14.