Preview: New Mexico State

New Mexico State Aggies

2012-13: 24-11 (14-4)
In-conference offense: 1.06 points per possession (3rd
In-conference defense: 0.98 points per possession (5th)

New Mexico State entered the 2012-13 season coping with the graduation of its two most dynamic players and ended the campaign with yet another NCAA tournament appearance. The Aggies overcame the hurdles in their way with the help of one very big addition, 7-foot-5 center Sim Bhullar. Bhullar's mere presence changed the tenor of the game on both ends of the floor, as he shot 62 percent from the field, posted some of the WAC's most impressive rebounding numbers and swatted away 10 percent of opponents' 2-point field goal attempts. He did all of this as a freshman. Bhullar is back for his sophomore season, and the only hole in his game is free throw shooting (46 percent).