2013-14 Preview: Arkansas State

Arkansas State Red Wolves

2012-13: 19-12 (12-8)
In-conference offense: 1.01 points per possession (3rd)
In-conference defense: 0.92 points allowed per possession (2nd)

Leading scorer Ed Townsel returns for a Red Wolves squad that was a legitimate choice as the 2012-13 Sun Belt's second-best team. But Townsel is likely to miss last season's seniors: Trey Finn, Brandon Peterson and Marcus Hooten. Sophomore Cameron Golden and junior Rakeem Dickerson will likely share point guard duties alongside Townsel. Both players logged high assist rates, though Golden took more shots. Coach John Brady hopes Golden will hone his shooting, as converting 40 percent of 2-pointers and 31 percent of 3s is not optimal for the player who takes the most shots on the team. Senior forward Kendrick Washington will be expected to take on a greater offensive role, though his offensive rebounding and shot-blocking proficiencies are well established.