Preview: Missouri State Bears

Marcus Marshall (11.5 points and 3 rebounds a game) earned Missouri Valley Freshman of the Year. AP Photo/David Welker

Missouri State Bears

2012-13: 11-22 (7-11 in Missouri Valley)
In-conference offense: 1.01 points per possession (T-6th)
In-conference defense: 1.11 points per possession (10th)

There's no doubt Missouri State struggled last season, and it went beyond the record. The Bears finished second-to-last in the conference largely based on abysmal effective field goal percentages on both the offensive (44.9) and defensive (51.9) ends. So why is coach Paul Lusk confident it'll turn around? He points to the overall lack of experience his roster had in 2012-13. Missouri State players had an average of just 1.09 seasons under their belt, good for 318th in the nation.