Overrated, underrated in Top 25

Roy Devyn Marble and Iowa could rise into the top 25 quickly this season. Marilyn Indahl/USA TODAY Sports

Each year when the AP preseason poll comes out, I like to pounce on it to find a team that I think has been wrongly ranked in the top 10.

This season, however, my tradition has run into something of a problem. I'm not sure the AP poll overrated any top-10 teams. I'm serious -- a top 10 comprised of Kentucky, Michigan State, Louisville, Duke, Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Syracuse and Florida looks pretty solid from my chair.

True, I may expect the Orange to have some competition for the honor of being called the ACC's second-best team, but labeling Jim Boeheim's squad as a borderline top-10 team in the preseason is certainly within the bounds of reason. All in all, then, this looks like a pretty good top 10 to me.

Fortunately for my November ritual, though, I do take issue with some of the voters' decisions in the 11 to 25 range. Here are four tweaks I'd like to humbly recommend to the AP's pollsters:

Underrated: Creighton Bluejays (unranked in AP poll)
To put it kindly, I can't imagine what the voters were thinking when they failed to include Creighton on their ballots. I guess you could headline my objection as follows: "Is Gregory Echenique really this important?"