How to beat the Kansas Jayhawks

OSU will need to find a way to restrain Thomas Robinson's scoring. AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Remember when this was thought to be a "down year" for the Kansas Jayhawks? By now Bill Self's team has dispelled any such notions and again proved itself among the nation's best. Just two victories stand between the Jayhawks and a national title.

For all they have achieved and for all of its talent and proven strength, KU is not without its weaknesses. If the Ohio State Buckeyes want to halt the Jayhawks' run, they will have to exploit a few of them in New Orleans.

While OSU coach Thad Matta likely doesn't need any help in this regard, after watching from courtside as the Jayhawks emerged from the Midwest Region and eyeballing them all season before that -- and for seven seasons prior, come to think of it -- I have a few suggestions on how to take down Kansas in the Final Four.

1. Solve the Thomas Robinson puzzle